Thursday, January 06, 2022


The latest Pocket Thoughts Annual is out now!

Edited by Ryan Ewing, and featuring Craig Atkinson, Tohm Bakelas, Baby Ballou, Salem Black, Drew Campbell of Vlasinda Productions, Jason"Evil"Covelli, Paige Daniel, Kate Dunn, Dawn Felicia (Nota Bene Zine), Granny Anarchy, Gurn, JR the Pin Witch, Kali Kambouroglos, Kensiek, Jessica L, Sarah M, Kaiju Maddy, Maira/Long Arm Stapler, MJS, New Hearts New Bones, Sammy Orlowski, Amélie Paquet, and Ryan himself.

I'm in there too, with a comic called "Every Friggin' Stop". Here's a preview:

For more details, go to the Pocket Thoughts etsy shop here.

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