Wednesday, May 11, 2022


When I was a teenager, I travelled from Dundee to Glasgow Forbidden Planet quite regularly. It was exciting going through back issues, accessing new comics, magazines and books not distributed to regular newsagents, and buying cool collectibles (The Hulk TV show cards were a notable example). 

During an early visit, after a couple of hours perusing, I was stood in the fairly large queue with my goodies waiting to pay. I spotted Great History of Comic Books by Ron Goulart on the shelf with the books, above the comics. Looks interesting, I thought, and had a look through. 

After a few minutes it was my turn to be served, and so I reached up to put the book back. I watched as I caused a slow motion chain reaction of the entire row of books falling onto the floor. I was mortified. I walked over to the desk apologising over and over and just bought the Goulart book, almost as an apology. The staff did not provide the balm of “It’s okay.” A steely fury was present throughout the entire transaction.

I’ve never been able to visit the shop without thinking of that day. 

In recent years it’s been a discount outlet and I’ve picked up many bargains. 

I'm sad to hear it’s closing today.

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